Accomplishing Our Mission

Inspired by the vision of Fr. Leo Patalinghug, host and founder of “Grace Before Meals” – an apostolic movement to strengthen relationships through the family meal – The Table Foundation seeks to serve as a charitable organization to broaden the outreach of feeding people’s bodies, minds and souls. The history and tradition of religion has shown how the simple act of feeding people can promote peace and harmony and bring about the loving presence of God. This human reality, beautifully captured in the sacred traditions of Roman Catholic teaching, shows that food is the most universal language of all. The gift of food, along with eating the right food, can help sinners become saints! The Table Foundation is the place that will connect our dinner table to the Lord’s Altar.

Feed the Body

Goal: To provide financial and intellectual support to charitable organizations or food venues where the hungry are being fed in a more holistic way.

    Some ideas include:
  • “buy one give one” natural and plant-based energy bars for homeless people
  • supporting soup kitchens that foster personal dignity by providing dinner companions
  • creating more delicious food options for infirmed people who are possibly eating their "last suppers” of life
Feed the Mind

Goal: Encouraging projects that feed the mind and promote virtue through all forms of media (film, television, Internet, print publications and live presentations).

    Some ideas include:
  • a The Table Foundation-sponsored cooking show on PBS
  • an ongoing Web series on "cooking for one"
  • providing scholarships for culinary students who seek to develop philanthropic food concepts
Feed the Soul

Goal: Organizing resources and events that connect chefs to charitable organizations, creating a forum for collegial dialogue and opportunities to inspire the food world to do even more good.

    Some ideas include:
  • to organize chefs to provide “thank you dinners” for emergency responders and volunteers who work in the midst of tragic events
  • creating community picnics for neighborhoods that need symbols of peace and harmony
  • create a collaborative restaurant group that helps local communities by providing job training, along with opportunities to improve individuals and rebuild neighborhoods

How You Can Help

The Table Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks your support through, financial investment, consultation as a member of our board (two-year term), being an ambassador, giving us your ideas, spreading The Table Foundation message, and for people of all backgrounds to offer their spiritual support through prayers.

Join us! We have set a place for you at The Table Foundation.

For more information, you can fill out the following form or reach us at:


10950 Gilroy Rd., Suite J, Hunt Valley, MD 21031