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What Is The Olive Mass?

Through The Olive Mass, The Table Foundation is doing something special and saying thank you to people working in the culinary and hospitality industry. So often in our faith communities, we relegate our interactions with food service and hospitality professionals to asking for discounts and donations. The Table Foundation feels that it is vitally important to both recognize the incredible contributions of these professionals and offer an opportunity to recharge and be encouraged. We don’t want to ask you for anything – we want to do something for you!

The Olive Mass is an opportunity for communities around the nation to invite food, beverage and hospitality professionals and the communities they serve to a prayerful gathering celebrating food and blessing those who prepare and serve it. It’s a simple but profound celebration to recognize, thank and encourage everyone who makes our celebrations worth celebrating! Tickets to attend are free.

What You Can Expect At The Olive Mass

An Inspiring & Faithful Celebration

We will gather at a local church of prominence to celebrate together and hear an inspiring, inter-religious message offering spiritual encouragement and a special blessing. This is about recognizing and building the diverse community we are a part of –  all are welcome.

Community Building

The services you provide to the community create a deep and unique culture that encourages connection and relationship and brings families back to the table in a way no other industry can. We want to let you know you are a part of peoples’ lives in a deeper way. Come and spend time with others serving the same mission while being blessed by the community you serve.

Reception and Panel

After the celebration, we will gather for a reception with delicious food from local food providers. Our fellowship and food will be accompanied by a panel discussion. The theme will vary depending on the different Olive Mass locations, but the message will always be inspiring, relevant, encouraging, and will foster honest dialogue about our passions and current issues.

When & Where

New Orleans, LA
Monday, September 9th, 2019
Mass – 10:00am at St. Louis Cathedral
Reception: 11:00am, location TBD

Baltimore, MD
Monday, October 28th, 2019
Mass – 10:00am, location TBD
Reception: 11:00am, location TBD

New York, NY
Monday, April 20th, 2020
Mass – 10:00am at The Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral
Reception: 11:00am, location TBD

*More cities are joining to host The Olive Mass every year. Interested in bringing The Olive Mass to your city? Send us an EMAIL.

How To Attend

Tickets are FREE for chefs, cooks, waiters/waitresses, bartenders, restaurant staff, hotel employees and anyone who works in the fields of food service or hospitality. Just head to our registration page HERE and reserve your free ticket.

But I don’t work in hospitality. Can I still come?
Yes! The Olive Mass offers a unique opportunity to thank and encourage the amazing food, beverage and hospitality professionals who serve your community. Please join us at The Olive Mass to be a part of our special blessing and recognition.


How Can I Support The Olive Mass?

We welcome your support through an array of sponsorship and advertisement opportunities. Your participation is critical to the success of the efforts of The Olive Mass and the ongoing efforts of The Table Foundation. Please review the sponsorship and advertisement deck linked above for a list of all available opportunities. We are excited to partner with you to offer this special day of celebration, prayer, networking and education. 


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Partner With Us or Learn More

For more information or if you would like get involved with The Olive Mass, email Mike La Charite or call 410-656-9376.