In April of 2020, The Table Foundation hosted the first national online Olive Mass. See below for our 2020 information. We plan to host this event again in 2021; please check back soon for more information.

Monday, April 20th
12:00 pm EST

Join the Table Foundation for a virtual live celebration to encourage, inspire and bless all in the hospitality industry. More than ever, we must continue to gather virtually and support each other.

Make sure you join the webinar on time. We only have room for 500 attendees, so join even a few minutes early to make sure you have space!

Our Panelists

Brian Berger
JBH Advisory Group

Exec. Chef James Briscione
Food Network Personality

Chef Jonathan Hicklin
CIA Graduate, The Swell Party

Master Chef Rich Rosendale
The Rosendale Collective

Join the Table Foundation for a live virtual celebration to encourage, inspire and bless those in the hospitality industry. Especially during this incredibly difficult time, it is imperative that we continue to gather virtually and support each other.

What is the Olive Mass?

The Olive Mass is a unique celebration, open to all in the hospitality industry, to unite in a spirit of goodwill to celebrate their passion. It is an opportunity for communities around the nation to invite food, beverage and hospitality professionals, and the community members they serve, to a prayerful gathering celebrating food and blessing those who prepare and serve it. The Olive Mass is a simple but profound celebration to recognize, thank and encourage everyone who makes our celebrations worth celebrating. Tickets to attend are free.

Who Is Invited to Participate:

Anyone in the field of hospitality! This includes chefs, cooks, waiters/waitresses, bartenders, restaurant staff, hotel employees, and anyone else who works in the fields of food service and hospitality. Community members are also welcome to attend to say thank you and encourage the hospitality professionals who serve their communities.

Priests, Religious and Ministers:

We also invite priests, other religious and ministers to participate by offering prayers and/or mass on that day for the intentions of the hospitality industry. To show your support, please EMAIL US with your name and city/state and/or post a simple message on social media (such as I’m praying for the hospitality industry!) with #OMC2020.

What You Can Expect:

– An inspiring and faithful celebration

– Community building

– Encouragement to sustain you during these tough times

Schedule of Events:

12:00pm – Online Mass

12:30pm – 1:00 pm – Discussion with Industry Professionals

Past Media