The Table Foundation House

The Table Foundation House, a social enterprise, will be a multi-functional facility that taps into “the power of food” to do good for people and build community.

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The Table Foundation House Mission

A non-profit social enterprise that uses “the power of food” to educate, inspire, and feed communities.

The House will serve as the headquarters for The Table Foundation.

It will be a place where amazing food will be served and the people involved (whether patron or employee) will be cherished, formed, and celebrated!

The Table Foundation House

We highly value the companionship of a shared meal and want to accompany people with a passion for food along their journey in life. One of The Table Foundation’s primary initiatives will be The Table Foundation House which will serve as an exciting venue for community events and provide opportunities for chefs to innovate and inspire with their food. The Table Foundation House mission is to use “the power of food” to educate, inspire, serve and feed communities. Chefs from around the world can showcase their passion for food and community, drawing greater food tourism. Finally, we will provide training and mentorship to people passionate about food who need help through a time of transition in their lives so they can develop a career in the food world and give back to their own community one meal at a time.

The Foundation House has several unique spaces.
The Main 3 spaces include:

The Table Foundation Cafe

A storefront cafe where we offer uniquely delicious breakfast and lunch foods and beverages to local patrons and social media followers.


The Main Event

A multi-purpose event space to host Table Foundation food and philanthropic events. Available fore renter your next event. Please allow us to cater your next event.


Apprentice & Formation Program

The Table Foundation House will provide food service training and formation for apprentices for 6 months -12 months. Apprentices are selected for their passion for food and seeking employment in the hospitality industry, but also need support though a time of personal transition.



The Foundation will educate the apprentices/candidates on a six-part virtues series focusing on Humility, Communication, Religion, Generosity, Compassion and Celebration. Each month will highlight and unpack a particular core virtue bringing in specialists to expound upon each one, all geared towards excellence in their future jobs and in their family life.


God always serves us with humility, so we are called to do likewise to others in our communities and relationships. This requires recognizing all our gifts, talents, abilities, faults, failings and weaknesses and placing them before God so that He can do truly miraculous things through us. Mother Theresa embodied this very virtue saying: “I am just a pencil in the hand of God.”


The Apprentice will be taught multiple facets of effective communication techniques via counselors, journalists, speech pathologists, and others to help express their needs while growing and being prepared to enter the field. By grasping the tools of healthy communication, they can express what might remain locked up inside to bring about further healing of the self. Patience will be stressed as a vital element to success; that is, patience with God, neighbor, self, and the very process of healing.


The history and tradition of religion has shown how the simple act of feeding people can promote peace and harmony and bring about the loving presence of God. This human reality, beautifully captured in the sacred traditions of Roman Catholic teaching, shows that food is the most universal language of all.


Generosity builds self-esteem, grows kindness and enhances proper love of self. Learning this skill entails desiring and being capable of giving back in whatever ways possible per the individual. The Apprentice will learn to make, spend and give; all of which are basic needs of the human condition


What are we hungry for in the depths of our hearts? To be accepted and loved, yet too many are marginalized and ignored. Exercising the generous spirit of compassion heightens acceptance among each other.


The Foundation will aim to increase this sense of gratitude encouraging candidates to highlight the many gifts that are ever present in our day. Joy is the fruit of appreciation, so to increase our thankfulness produces joy, which in turn attracts others and assists them in counting their own blessings.