Who We Are

The Table Foundation works to harvest the power of food to do good one meal at a time by bringing people together around a common table. We believe that the simple act of sharing a delicious meal prepared with love promotes peace and harmony in our world. We aspire to build community and better people’s lives through our passion for amazing food.

Who We Serve

Ex-Convicts – Returning Citizens
We serve by working with ex – convicts who are returning to our communities. We understand that care for these individuals doesn’t stop after release.

  • Service – Serve ex-convicts who are labeled with a stigma that never fades by offering an opportunity in the food service industry.
  • Educate – Provide practical culinary and life formation skill training.
  • Inspire – Provide living examples of those who have had similar lifestyles that have changed themselves through a formative program based on service to God and others.

Hospitality Food & Beverage Professionals

We serve Hospitality Food & Beverage Professionals by providing an outreach for individuals to express their feelings and share their thoughts about an industry that can be extremely demanding and challenging.

How We Serve

We create opportunities, dinners, celebrations, and even prayerful gatherings to bring people from all walks of life together, to encourage one another, to share at the table and to break bread. We do so many different experiences, with one common focus: Delicious Food served with love for the other! One specific way we do this is the upcoming Social Enterprise, The Table Foundation House, which will be a place, where we believe that simple act of shared meals promotes harmony and love throughout. The Table Foundation House is presently being developed and planned for a summer of 2019 arrival. We will offer a Cafe, Apprentice and Formation Program, as well as a Main Event Dining experience.

Presently we offer ourselves available to other social enterprises and food establishments with our culinary skills assisting in several kitchens within and outside our community.